Welcome to the New Media Party

Welcome to the grand experiment.

New hockey blogs and podcasts are started all the time, but most go unnoticed for too long, and many quit the game due to lack of readership or exposure.

When I started blogging, a few other blogs that were new at the time (people you are still reading today, some of which have done quite well for themselves) helped me out quite a bit, by being encouraging and linking to my site.  I learned a lot from them, and they were instrumental in keeping me going when I was just starting out.

I want to try and do the same thing for other new blogs and podcasts. Send me a link to any new independent hockey website, and we will get it up here. Subscribe to the RSS to find out about new blogs when they are posted.

This is not a review site. All blogs and podcasts should be independent (outside of the MSM or major blogging networks).

Let the experiment begin.


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  1. This is a great idea, Tapeleg.

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